About Mark Williamson

My name is Mark Williamson. I am 38 years of age and have been studying Bible Doctrine for 8 years. My Pastor-Teacher is, Dr Jim Brettell. (www.brettell.org) My desire is give the Gospel to those who are unsaved(anyone who does not believe in Jesus Christ as their personal saviour,Acts 16v31)and to teach those who are saved what Gods purpose and plan for them is. It is my opinion that the majority of Christians today have no idea what God expects them to do as Christians. They are being told to “Get busy for Jesus”, live their life right, keep the 10 commandments and many other things, all of which are going to amount to a big bonfire at the Bema Seat.1st Cor 3 10-15. While what they are doing maybe commendable and “Christian” in the world’s eyes, a right thing must be done in the right way; Gods way. His way is “Walking in the sphere of the Spirit” Gal 5v16. And using a concept in Romans 6 call “KRRY”. I wish to teach those who are seeking the “How To” of the Christian life how to walk “moment by moment in the sphere of the Spirit”


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