In Gods eyes Is there Human Life in the Womb

Is there soul life in the womb?

When does life begin? In the womb or at birth?
Who gives life?

Before we consider the following subject we must be open to the fact that, God has a way of thinking and man has a way of thinking!

Is 55v8 For my thoughts [are] not your thoughts, neither [are] your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

God is not interested in how we think, or how we feel about what He has said in His Word but what He has said in His Word. Are we going to line our thoughts and feelings up to His Word or are we going to take His Word and line it up to how we think or feel?

When does life begin?

Genesis 2 v 7: The Lord God formed man out of dust of earth and breathed into him BREATH of LIFE and man became living soul. (1st God formed man, and then only when He breathed into him breath of life did he become human soul!)

Job 33v4: the spirit of God has made me and the BREATH of the Almighty has given me life.

In the womb:

Job 3 v 16: or like the miscarriage, which is, discarded WOULD NOT BE…

Job 10 v 19: I should have been as though I HAD NOT BEEN

Ecclesiastes 6 v 3-5: …better the miscarriage than he for it comes in futility and goes into obscurity…..

Matt 1 v 20: THAT which is conceived. (Why is it not a person? especially if it is reference to the Lord Jesus Christ?)

Compare the above, which is reference to being in the womb to the following, which refer to after birth.

Job 10 v 11 why did I not die AT birth, come forth FROM the womb and expire (die)….. For now I would have lain down and been quiet,… I would have been at rest with kings and counsellors of the earth…or with princes….

Job 10 v18: why hast thou brought me FROM the womb, would that had died and no eye seen me, I should have been as though I had not been…

Another example of God’s viewpoint:

Exodus 21 v 22: if men strive with a woman with child so that she miscarriages yet no harm to her then the perpetrator should be punished according to her husbands judgment but if anything happens to her then life for life….

Q: if there is soul life in the womb and the woman miscarries why is the perpetrator not sentenced to death?

A: There is no soul life in the womb.

Biological life exists in the womb, and does not become soul life or a human being until physical birth, when at that moment God breathes into it, the fetus, the breath of life. The passage in Luke 1v41 where the baby leapt in her womb is not a reference to soul life, but biological life. It is “ reflex motility”. Because the fetus is mother-dependant, its movement is often in sympathy with the mother’s metabolism or emotional state.


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